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What is Stereolithography?

Stereolithography is a rapid prototyping process which produces a physical, three-dimensional object from a 3D CAD file; Stereolithography is commonly referred to as SLA, although SLA is really a
Stereo Lithography Apparatus. A stereolithography apparatus uses a computer controlled laser to cure a liquid photo-curable resin, layer by layer, to create a 3D part.

Why Use Stereolithography?

It is best to use SLA, when accuracy, surface finish and overall appearance are the most critical requirements.

Stereolithography models are also used as master models for silicone tooling patterns, when it comes time for multiple models cast from polyurethane.   The SLA model is built, the pattern finished and then silicone rubber is poured around the SLA pattern to produce a tool that will produce 40 or more polyurethane castings.

Highly loaded ceramic filled materials are now available for applications requiring higher temperature resistance or when a very rigid model is preferred, as in wind tunnel models and flow testing.
Stereolithography (SLA), using WaterShed 11120 Stereolithography (SLA),  using Somos® 9420
Stereolithography (SLA), using Somos NanoTool Stereolithography (SLA), using Somos® NeXt
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