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What is Fused Deposition Modeling?

Fused Deposition Modeling is a 3D printing process that builds parts layer by layer from the bottom up by heating thermoplastic filament.  The 3D printer heats the thermoplastic to a semi-liquid state and deposits it in fine beads along the extrusion path.

Where support or buffering is needed, the printer deposits a removable material that acts as scaffolding.  This is later broken away or dissolved in detergent and water and the part is ready to use.

Resolution and side wall definition can be adjusted by selecting either the standard extrusion nozzle diameter or a fine nozzle.  Using the fine (smaller diameter) nozzle does increase built time.

Materials that can be used include ABS, PC-ABS, FDM Nylon 12 and ULTEM.
Why Use Fused Deposition Modeling?

Because FDM uses the same thermoplastic as in traditional manufacturing, it is ideal for applications requiring a specific or production intent thermoplastic.

Large machines are available where an unbonded model is required.
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